We’re thrilled to announce our new book The Adventure On Rodentia Drive is here!

Our new book is now available on Amazon.

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For the past few years, we’ve been working on this story. A departure from our previous books, this new project is a kid’s story with a twist.

As authors, we have a passion for writing. As teachers, we want to share that passion with students. Children too easily miss out on the adventure that writing can be. We can announce a writing assignment and watch the student’s eyes glaze over. We can tell them they are going to become authors and hear through clamped lips, “I HATE WRITING!”

The Adventure On Rodentia Drive hides the incredible adventure of writing in an adventure story. It is designed to escort students through the writing process. Literary references, story elements, new vocabulary, and writing traits encircle the various characters to turn the attitude of “I hate writing” into something that is not only achievable but astonishing.

Check back soon for more information about its release.

Excerpt from the book:

“The door groaned, awakened after many years. A dim light cast shadows over a gnawed message. The boys crossed the threshold. It took several moments for their eyes to adjust. They heard the door slam shut. They couldn’t go back. They peered ahead. Suddenly it felt as if the place that beckoned could only exist in their imagination. Where were they?

The day before, Noah and Gabe had arrived at an old, dilapidated antique store. On the outside it appeared too small to house even one story, but its secret was that it actually held many stories.

And then the boys made a discovery. What they found was that they were about to enter the adventure of writing. They began with an empty page…’an intimidating thing’ but emerged with a mystery in their hands.”

Welcome to Kandellight Antiquities!

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  1. Susie says:

    Excited to read this and add to my K.L. Kandel collection.

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